A list of resources for supporting mental health and wellbeing

Bereavement during COVID

Irish Hospice Foundation video: Grieving in exceptional times: A public talk about grief and loss

TEDx UCD video: Grief it’s complicated… 10% of the time

Irish Hospice Foundation webinar: Bereavement in the workplace during COVID-19

Your Mental Health – From the HSE

For mental health and wellbeing support, information and more click here

Jigsaw Online

This is a virtual hub of mental health information for young people aged 12 to 25, their parents/guardians and those who work with young people.  Get practical advice from Jigsaw Clinicians who work with young people every day.  For free mental health support, advice and guidance for young people, parents/guardians:

Register to join group chats here ¦ Anonymously ask and read answers to mental health questions here ¦ Phone 1800 JIGSAW (544 729) ¦ Text ‘Call me’ with your name to 086 1803880 ¦ Email

Local organisations

SKDP (South Kerry Development Partnership)

Website ¦ Facebook

South Kerry Development Partnership CLG is a community led local development company.  SKDP works to promote and assist the development of sustainable, vibrant communities in South Kerry, and to improve the quality of life of people living there through the provision of social and economic opportunities.  SKDP does this by targeting financial resources, creating strategic alliances, facilitating networking and fostering cooperation, and will incorporate ongoing evaluation of its work to ensure focused delivery of its objectives.  SKDP is a local development company which works in partnership with state agencies, the social partners, local elected members and community and voluntary representatives.

NEWKD (North, East and West Kerry Development)

Website ¦ Facebook

Kerry CYPSC (Children & Young People’s Services Committees)

Website ¦ Facebook ¦ Twitter

Jigsaw Kerry

Phone (066)7186785 ¦ Email ¦ Facebook ¦ Instagram ¦ Twitter

Jigsaw Kerry is a free, confidential and voluntary mental health support service for 12 to 25-year olds living, working or studying in county Kerry, who are experiencing mild to moderate mental health difficulties.  Young people, their parents/guardians or professionals that work with young people can contact us directly via phone or email to either make an appointment or consult with a Jigsaw Kerry Clinician.  Young people can choose to work with a clinician in-person, over the phone or using video conferencing.

Kerry Volunteer Centre

Phone (066)7117966 ¦ Email ¦ Website ¦ Facebook ¦ Instagram ¦ Twitter

Volunteering is a great way to do go, to feel good, to connect, to keep well, to get active and learn new skills. It is a wonderful way to keep well, to enhance your wellbeing, to boost your self-esteem and feel part of your community.  Kerry Volunteer Centre helps people throughout Kerry to get involved in volunteering locally.  At Kerry Volunteer Centre you can get free information, guidance and support to help and guide you to get involved in volunteering at a time, place and with a local voluntary group that suits your interests and availability.  To find out more about volunteering and how you can get involved, check out the website, social media or phone or email Siobhan at Kerry Volunteer Centre.